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Product Details #

1x1 Digital Floor Tiles - Anitskid Finish is available at is of best quality. Please view our large selection of related products in Similar products section.

Models #

models/Anit Skid 0001F.webp

Anit Skid 0001F

models/Anit Skid 0002F.webp

Anit Skid 0002F

models/Anit Skid 0003F.webp

Anit Skid 0003F

models/Anit Skid 0004F.webp

Anit Skid 0004F

models/Anit Skid 0005F.webp

Anit Skid 0005F

models/Anit Skid 0006F.webp

Anit Skid 0006F

models/Anit Skid 1001FL.webp

Anit Skid 1001FL

models/Anit Skid 1002FL.webp

Anit Skid 1002FL

models/Anit Skid 1004FL.webp

Anit Skid 1004FL

models/Anit Skid 1007FL.webp

Anit Skid 1007FL

models/Anit Skid 1009FL.webp

Anit Skid 1009FL

models/Anit Skid 1010FL.webp

Anit Skid 1010FL

models/Anit Skid 1011FL.webp

Anit Skid 1011FL

models/Anit Skid 1021FL.webp

Anit Skid 1021FL

models/Anit Skid 1026FL.webp

Anit Skid 1026FL

models/Anit Skid 1027FL.webp

Anit Skid 1027FL

models/Anit Skid 1028FL.webp

Anit Skid 1028FL

models/Anit Skid 1029FL.webp

Anit Skid 1029FL

models/Anit Skid 1030FL.webp

Anit Skid 1030FL

models/Anit Skid 1031FL.webp

Anit Skid 1031FL

models/Anit Skid 1034FL.webp

Anit Skid 1034FL

models/Anit Skid 1035FL.webp

Anit Skid 1035FL

models/Anit Skid 1036FL.webp

Anit Skid 1036FL

models/Anit Skid 1038FL.webp

Anit Skid 1038FL

models/Anit Skid 1039FL.webp

Anit Skid 1039FL

models/Anit Skid 1040FL.webp

Anit Skid 1040FL

models/Anit Skid 1047F.webp

Anit Skid 1047F

models/Anit Skid 1049F.webp

Anit Skid 1049F

models/Anit Skid 1052FL.webp

Anit Skid 1052FL

models/Anit Skid 1063F.webp

Anit Skid 1063F

models/Anit Skid 1100FL.webp

Anit Skid 1100FL

models/Anit Skid 1115FL.webp

Anit Skid 1115FL

models/Anit Skid 1120FL.webp

Anit Skid 1120FL

models/Anit Skid 1122FL.webp

Anit Skid 1122FL

models/Anit Skid 1123FL.webp

Anit Skid 1123FL

models/Anit Skid 1981FL.webp

Anit Skid 1981FL

models/Anit Skid 1982FL.webp

Anit Skid 1982FL

models/Anit Skid 1983FL.webp

Anit Skid 1983FL

models/Anit Skid 1984FL.webp

Anit Skid 1984FL

models/Anit Skid 2211FL.webp

Anit Skid 2211FL

models/Anit Skid 2292FL.webp

Anit Skid 2292FL

models/Anit Skid 2301FL.webp

Anit Skid 2301FL

models/Anit Skid 2337FL.webp

Anit Skid 2337FL

models/Anit Skid 2346FL.webp

Anit Skid 2346FL

models/Anit Skid C002FL.webp

Anit Skid C002FL

Specification #

Detailed Specification of Ceramic Floor Tiles. Ceramic floor tiles are durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes.

GradePremium Grade (1st Quality)
Tiles TypeCeramic Tiles
Body TypeFloor Body
Size: Floor Tiles300x300mm (12"x12")
Size: Wall Tiles450x300mm (18"x12")
FinishMatte, Antiskid, Glossy
No. of Tiles/Box9 Tiles
Approx. Area/Box9 SQFT/Box (0.82 Sq.Meter/Box)
Weight/Box12.5 Kg (approx)
Deviation in Length & Width± 0.2%
Deviation in Thickness± 4%
Surface Flatness± 0.22%
Surface QualityMin 95%
Water Absorption≥10% (Max 18%)
Modulus of Rupture≥15N/mm2
Breaking Strength≥500N
Scratch Hardness3 (moh’s)
Crazing≥4 Cycles
Thermal ExpansionMax 8.0 x 10^-6 K^-1
Stain ResistanceClass 1
Chemical Resistance
Class AA

*Reference based on IS 15822:2006 values

Why buy Tiles from Deltaware #

Tiles are special, they should be made of quality materials that with stand harsh climates (like rain, hot sun, cold, etc.). Below are the specialty of tiles from

  1. Heat proof, Waterproof & UV Stabilized Tiles Glaze
  2. Conforms IS Standard, Quality Tested & Certified
  3. Available in Matt, Glossy & Anti Skid Surfaces
  4. All type of tiles under on roof (Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Cool Roof Tiles, GVT/PGVT Floor Tiles and more)
  5. Direct from brands and factories
  6. 100% Premium Quality Only

Deltaware aims at becoming the most valuable partner to our suppliers and our customers. Our company is a specialist in providing customized services in sourcing the right product, at the right time and at the right price.

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Disclaimer: The product images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary with each unique part number and attributes like size, model, color, etc. We recommend that customers unfamiliar with the products to contact our support team to request a exact images if available from stock. This product comes with warranty against manufacturing defect, refer warranty policy on how to claim warranty. cat/tiles , gro/tiles-1x1 , pro/tiles-floor-1x1-antiskid , id/2104