IS 1239 (PART 1) - MS Steel Round Pipe Size, Thickness and Weight Chart

IS 1239 (PART 1) - MS Steel Round Pipe Size, Thickness and Weight Chart
MS Steel Round Pipe Size, Thickness and Weight Chart based on IS 1239 (PART 1) specification for tubes of size 6 mm to 150 mm nominal bore

IS 1239 (Part 1) is an Indian Standard that specifies the requirements for welded and seamless plain end or screwed and socketed steel tubes intended for use for water, non-hazardous gas, air and steam. This standard is applicable to tubes of size 6 mm nominal bore to 150 mm nominal bore.

Size, Thickness and Weight Chart #

Nominal BoreLight (A Class)Medium (B Class)Heavy (C Class)
321 1/4”2.6015.313.2018.564.0022.73
401 1/2”2.9019.483.2021.354.0026.22
652 1/2”3.2034.523.6038.624.5047.68

Color Coding #

Based on wall thickness IS 1239 (Part 1) classifies steel tubes in 3 classes: Light or Class A, Medium or Class B and Heavy or Class C. The standard recommends the pipe be painted/marked for easy identification.

  • Light tubes - Yellow
  • Medium tubes - Blue
  • Heavy tubes - Red

Steel Pipe Color coding

The standard also covers steel tubes: Chemical composition, Mechanical properties, Dimensions and tolerances, Surface finish, Test methods and Marking

IS 1239 (PART 1) is equivalent to BS 1387/1985, ASTM A53/A53M & JIS G3452.

View or Download IS 1239 (PART 1) Specification

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