How to calculate TMT Steel Bars Weight

How to calculate TMT Steel Bars Weight
Learn how to calculate the weight of a TMT steel bar using the formula W = D² * L / 162, where D is the diameter and L is the length.

This article is helpful for construction engineers, architects, and anyone else who needs to calculate the weight of a TMT steel bar.

Formula for Weight of TMT Steel Bars Kg/Meter Length

W = (D² x L )/162 (Kg/m)

  1. D - Diameter of bar is measured in mm
  2. L - Length of bar is measured in meter
  3. Use W = D² * L/533 (Kg/ft) to find the weight in Kg/ft

Example to calculate weight/meter for 12mm tmt steel bar

W = (12² x 1)/162 = 0.889 Kg/meter

TMT bar weight chart #

Specification #

Size8-40 mm
GradesFe500, Fe500D , Fe550D, Fe600 and CRS grade
BrandsTATA Steel, JSW Steel, SAIL, and 25+ brands
Minimum Order Quantity10 Metric Tons

TMT steel bars weight chart #

TMT steel bars weight chart: Complete guide to the weight of TMT steel bars in different diameters and lengths.

TMT Steel Bar Size (In mm)Weight (kg/m)

This is aprox weight of TMT Steel Bar, actual weight may vary. Final weight will be determined by the invoice.

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