Why You Shouldn't Use Stone Fence Posts for Your Next Fencing Project

Why You Shouldn't Use Stone Fence Posts for Your Next Fencing Project
Stone fence posts are not as durable, strong, or versatile as steel fence posts. They can also be more expensive and difficult to install. If you are looking for a long-lasting and reliable fencing option, then you should choose steel fence posts instead of stone fence posts.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should not use stone fence posts for future fencing applications:

  • Cost: Stone fence post may be cheaper than Steel Fence Posts, depending on the availability and quality of the stone. However, Steel Fence Posts may have lower lifetime cost, as it fetches high scrap value and requires less maintenance.
  • Installation: Steel Fence Posts is easy to install in all types of terrain, as it has an arrow-head design that makes grouting easier. Stone fence post may require more labour and skill to install, as it involves digging, leveling, and cementing the stones.
  • Risk of breaking: Stone fencing post may crack or break over time, due to weather, animals, or human interference. This can compromise the stability and security of the fence, and require frequent repairs or replacements. Broken stone fencing post may also pose a safety hazard, as they can injure people or animals, or damage property.
  • Uneven sizes: Stone fencing post may not have uniform sizes or shapes, which can make it difficult to install and align them properly. This can result in a crooked or uneven fence, which may look unappealing and affect the performance of the fence. Uneven stone fencing post may also create gaps or openings in the fence, which can allow unwanted access or escape of animals or intruders. or intruders, which can compromise the security and integrity of the fence.
  • High maintenance: Stone fencing post may need more frequent inspection and repair, as it may be prone to cracking, breaking, or shifting.
  • No resale value: Stone fencing post may have low or no scrap value, as it may not be reusable or recyclable. Stone fencing post may also be difficult to dispose of, as it may take up a lot of space and weight. Steel fence post, on the other hand, has high scrap value, as it is made of high-quality steel that can be reused or recycled. Steel fence post can also be easily removed and transported, as it is lightweight and compact.

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