முடிச்சு கம்பி வேலி டாடா/ TATA Knotted Fence

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Product Details 🔗

முடிச்சு கம்பி வேலி டாடா/ TATA Knotted Fence is available at is of best quality. Please view our large selection of related products in Similar products section.

TATA Knotted Fence Price List

TATA Knotted fence prices vary depending on height. Here is a breakdown of the latest prices for TATA Knotted fences made of TATA Wiron wires. Buy TATA Knotted Fence made of Tata Wiron GI Wire online in Tamil Nadu on


TATA Knotted fence prices vary depending on height. Here is a breakdown of the latest prices for TATA Knotted fences made of TATA Wiron wires. Buy TATA Knotted Fence made of Tata Wiron GI Wire online in Tamil Nadu on

Specification #

Technical Specification of TATA Knotted Fence.

Height4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft
Length100ft (30.48 meter)
Gap between stay wires152 mm
Mesh SizeVariable
Wire Diameter2.5mm (12G)
Wire TypeHot Dip Gavalinized, High Temper Wire
GI Coating Thickness60 micron
Minimum Order Quantity10 Rolls or 1000ft length

Note : Price are subject to change without notice, please contact our support team for the latest price.

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Features #

  • Strength: 2.5 mm high tensile galvanized wire is used.
  • Fixed Knot: Cross lock knot – Knotted Fence keeps the fence rigid for longer.
  • Impact Resistance: Tension crimps in the horizontal wires allow expansion in hot summers and contraction in cold winters. The crimps help create a spring action, so that the Knotted Fence regains its shape after impact.
  • Flexibility: Variable vertical gaps – small gaps at bottom, large gaps at top.
  • Uniform zinc coating applied using ‘Hot Dip’ galvanizing technology.

Advantages #

  • High tensile wire that allows 20 feet gap between poles and minimizing the use of poles.
  • Requires less labour with faster installation process.
  • Protects the farm but does not harm the animal.
  • Low maintenance required with longer rigidity and does not sag with time.
  • Lighter. Variable vertical gap. Smaller gap at bottom, more gap at top.
  • Cost saving.

Approximate Lifespan #

galvanized Iron Wire salt spray test

Below is the approximate lifespan aka Time to First Maintenance (TFM) of GI Wire with Zinc coating thickness 60 microns.

Areas TypeTime to First Maintenance (TFM)
(in Years)
High humidity & some air pollution~25+
Moderate salinity with air pollution12-17
High salinity (Coastal/offshore areas)8-12

Note: The actual life span may change with environment factors.

Read more about life span

Dimension #

Technical Specification of TATA Knotted Fence.

TATA Knotted Fence | Specification |

  • Above 3ft - 6" gap
  • Mid 2 ft - 4" gap
  • Bottom 1ft - 3" gap
  • Vertical wire gap: 6"

Details #

TATA Knotted Fence strength in every knot.

TATA Knotted Fence Knot | Wholesale Price

TATA Knotted Fence installed with TATA Stambh Post.

TATA Knotted Fence and TATA Stambh Post |

TATA Knotted Fence is the best fence choice for all types of animals.

TATA Knotted Fence buy online on

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Frequently Asked Questions #

NO, Due to brand restriction we cannot supply TATA fencing products outside Tamil Nadu.

Yes, we ship internationally. However, some products may not be available for shipping to certain countries. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, we can customize TATA chain link fence, provided you meet our minimum order quantity (MOQ).

NO, we rely on third-party logistics providers to ship our products.

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