Tata Stambh Post: Ultimate Solution for Durable and Reliable Fencing

Tata Stambh Post: Ultimate Solution for Durable and Reliable Fencing

Tata Stambh post is a fence post by Tata International, made of high-quality steel and coated with corrosive-resistant materials to give a long life. It has a unique aerodynamic Y-fin design that gives strength and durability to the fence, and an arrow-head design at the end that makes grouting easier. It can be used with various kinds of fencing provisions, such as barbed wires, chain-link, knotted wires, etc. It is part of the Tata International product range, which adheres to the high quality standards that are a hallmark of the brand.

  • TATA Stambh Post கல் தூண்களுக்கு 100% மாற்றானது.
  • உடையாது: கல் தூண் போல் எளிதில் உடையது, TATA Stambh Post உறுதியானது.
  • வேலி சாயாது: வயல், தோட்டம், தண்ணீர் தேங்கும் பகுதி அண்ட் எங்கும் பயன்படுத்தலாம் .
  • 100% தரம் உத்தரவாதம். இது ஒரு டாடா தயாரிப்பு.
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Features #

images/Footing rod pre-welded.jpg

Footing rod pre welded

images/Grove at top for barbed wire.jpg

Grove at top for barbed wire

images/Holes in 9-inch interval.jpg

Holes in 9 inch interval

images/TATA brand stamped.jpg

TATA brand stamped

images/Y-Shape Aerodynamic Design.jpg

Y Shape Aerodynamic Design

  • Tata Stambh posts have holes at 9-inch intervals, making them easy to attach to a variety of fencing materials, such as barbed wire, chain link, knotted wire, weld mesh, and other types of fencing.
  • Tata Stambh posts comes with footing rod pre welded, this feature gives more strength to fence post after installation.
  • U shaped grove at top of Tata Stambh posts makes barbed wire installation easy.
  • TATA brand stamped on Tata Stambh posts for quality assurance.

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Difference between Post vs Side Post #

TATA Stambh Post and Side Stambh Post

Below are the feature difference of Side Post compared to the Main post

  1. Side posts have a single hole at the top for fastening with main post
  2. NO holes in 9" interval along the length
  3. NO cross bar welded on the bottom of the sidepost
  4. NO have U Grove on the top
  5. Use 6mm Bolt/Nut to install TATA Stambh Post and side Post

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