How long does a galvanized iron (GI) wire fence last?

How long does a galvanized iron (GI) wire fence last?
Galvanized iron (GI) wire fences are durable and long-lasting, but how long do they really last? Learn about the factors that affect the lifespan of a GI wire fence and how to extend its life.

The table below shows the lifespan of galvanized coatings in different environments, based on their thickness. This information can be used to choose the right coating thickness for your specific needs.

Most of the Indian location fall under High and Very High Corrosion Level

Corrosion LevelZinc coating thickness in micron
Lifespan in Years (approx)
45 µm55 µm70 µm85 µm115 µm165 µm215 µm
Very Low100100100100100100100
Very High5-116-138-1710-1914-2720-3925-51

Environmental factors #

galvanized Iron Wire salt spray test

Here is a table that explains different corrosion levels.

Corrosion LevelDetailsExample Areas
Very LowClean atmospheresInterior: Office, shops, school, etc.,
LowLow humidityOutdoor & Semi Closed like Depots, sports hall, etc.,
MiddleHigh humidity & some air pollution:Urban and industrial atmospheres: food-processing plants, laundries, breweries and dairies.
HighPermanent condensation & moderate salinityFarms, Chemical plants, swimming pools, coastal ship & boatyards
Very HighPermanent condensation & high salinityCoastal & offshore areas with high salinity

Note: In summary, the factors that determine the expected product life expectancy of galvanized coatings are zinc coating thickness, air quality, water quality, and sand exposure. Environmental conditions and pollution should be considered when determining the amount of zinc coating (microns) needed for hot dip galvanizing. reference data are based on American Galvanizers Association.

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