Delta Cool Roof Tiles

Beat the heat with high SRI heat reflective Cool Roof Tiles from Deltaware
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Delta Cool Roof Tiles

Delta Cool Roof Tiles

Rs 33 Rs 50 /sqft


Direct From Factory

Grade: Premium Grade (1st Quality)

Size: 300x300mm (12"x12")

Brand: Delta Tiles

100% Waterproof

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Delta Cool Roof Tiles Models

Glossy Full White Recommended


Anti Skid Full White Recommended


Glossy Checked Multi


Glossy Checked Blue

Model: NCRT-04

Glossy Checked Green

Model: NCRT-02

Glossy Checked Pink

Model: NCRT-03

Glossy Matrix Blue White

Model: NCRT-16

Glossy Matrix Blue

Model: NCRT-09

Glossy Matrix Pink

Model: NCRT-10

Grades & Prices

Below are the price for different grades, we recommend only Premium Grade (1st Quality) for Cool Roof application.

கூல் ரூப் டைல்ஸ் அவற்றின் தரம் & குறைபாடுகள் அடிப்படையில் 3 தரமாக பிரிக்கப்படுகிறது

  1. முதல் தரம் - Premium Grade (Receommeded)
  2. இரண்டாம் தரம் - Standard Grade
  3. மூன்றம் தரம் - Economical Grade (or Commercial Grade)
# Quality Grade Price/SQFT
#1st Premium Grade ₹33/SQFT
#2nd Standard Grade ₹28/SQFT
#3rd Commercial Grade ₹26/SQFT


Grade Premium Grade (1st Quality)
Tiles Type Ceramic Tiles
Body Type Floor Body
Size 300x300mm (12"x12")
Thickness 8mm (aprox)
Tiles/Box 9 Tiles (9 SQFT/Box)
Weight/Box 12.5 Kg


We deliver to entire TAMILNADU (especially Nagapattinam, Karaikal, Mayiladuthurai, Thiruvarur, Thanjavur, Ariyalur, and more.)

Our Brands

KAG Tiles
KAG Tiles
KAG Tiles
100% Premium Grade

100% Premium Grade#

Deltaware Cool Roof Tiles are 100% Premium Grade #1st Quality & Best Quality Cool Roof Tiles

100% முதல் தர கூல் ரூஃப் டைல்ஸ்

விலையைக் குறைப்பதற்காக டெல்டாவேர் ஒருபோதும் தரத்தைக் குறைப்பதில்

How Cool Roof Tiles Works

How Cool Roof Tiles Works#

Cool Roof Tiles from Deltaware are having high SRI value, so you save money every day, here is how

  1. Sun Rays are reflected by cool roof and wall tiles
  2. Thereby reducing the surface temperature by 10% to 15% (so heat conduction into the building is reduced)
  3. Thus reducing the cooling requirement (for appliances like AC, fan, etc)
  4. Therefore you save electrical energy, So you save money every day.

Full White Cool Roof Tiles

Full White Cool Roof Tiles#

At deltaware we recommend Full white cool roof tiles for maximum performance. Compared to color full cool roof tiles, full white models have high SRI value.

கலர் கூல் ரூப் டைல்ஸ்ஸைவிட (Full White) முழு வெள்ளை கூல் ரூப் டைல்ஸ் அதிக சூரிய ஒளியை எதிரொலிக்கும் திறன் கொண்டது.

எனவே நங்கள் பரிந்துரைப்பது: முழு வெள்ளை கூல் ரூப் டைல்ஸ் (Full White Cool Roof Tiles)

There are two full white models we recommend to our customers

  1. Full White Glossy (Model: CRT-WG)
  2. Full White Anti Skid (Model: CRT-AS)

Anti slip cool roof Tiles

Anti slip cool roof Tiles#

What is Anti Slip Cool Roof Tiles

Anti-Slip tiles are made to have rough surface to have better grip. This better grip will reduce the risk of accidents due to slipping. These tiles have Slip Resistant: Coefficient of friction is 0.60 or greater (wet). This makes the tiles suitable for wet floors.

அடிக்கடி மாடியை பயன்படுத்துபவர்களுக்கு Anti Slip கூல் ரூப் டைல்ஸ் ஏற்றது

வழுக்காத தரைக்கு Anti Slip கூல் ரூப் டைல்ஸ் (Model: CRT-AS)

Cool Roof Tiles must have SRI value > 90

More the SRI value More Reflection of Sun Rays.

Deltaware Cool Roof SRI Tiles is the Best Choice for your buildings,

SRI Cool Roof Tiles

SRI Cool Roof Tiles#

Deltaware Cool Roof Tiles have 90+ SRI value

What Does Solar Reflective Index (SRI) Mean?

The Solar Reflective Index or SRI is a measure of the solar radiation that is reflected back by a rooftop surface. It is an indicator of how hot the surface will become when the sun’s radiation falls directly on it.

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Cool Roof Tiles from Deltaware

Cool Roof Tiles from Deltaware#

Deltaware cool roof and wall tiles which reflect sun rays thereby keeping the inside temperature cool and also save energy. Our Cool Roof Tiles has a special glazing that makes the tiles reflect most of the solar heat. Deltaware Cool Roof Tiles have 90+ SRI value

Laying Cool Roof Tiles on your buildings terrace, balcony, courtyard and walls to beat the heat inside your home and save energy.

All types of cool roof tiles available at Deltaware: Ceramic Cool Roof & Cool Wall Tiles, Vitrified Cool Roof Tiles (Heavy Duty)

Why you should choose Deltaware

Why you should choose Deltaware#

At Deltaware we offer 100% Premium Quality Only Cool Roof Tiles.

Cool roof tiles are special, they should be made of quality materials that with stand harsh climates (like rain, hot sun, cold, etc.). Below are the specialty of cool roof tiles from

  1. UV Stabilized Glaze & Body
  2. 100% Waterproof Tiles Glaze
  3. Anti Skid Surfaces
  4. Ceramic & Vitrified Cool Roof Tiles
  5. Direct from brands and factories
  6. Floor Body & Wall body Tiles

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Price of Cool Roof Tiles#

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